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5/9/2019 12:55:45 PM

Robert McCune
Robert McCune
Posts: 454
For all of you that have 2018/2019 Ft Carson access passes take a look at them, it may be getting time to renew. If you wish to continue supporting missions at Ft Carson and the A/DACG please send me your full name and last 4 of your SSAN. If your pass is expired you will not be allowed to go on Ft Carson or to the A/DACG.

If you don't have one but want to get a pass you must first attend a few missions with us by getting a 24 hour pass from the Ft Carson Visitor's Center that would cover the time of the mission. If you feel that you would like to continue attending missions we can arrange for an annual pass. Whichever pass you get you must bring your driver's license, vehicle registration and proof of insurance with you when you pick them up.

I ask that if you consider getting a yearly pass please make the commitment to attend missions. I have taken the time and Ft Carson personnel have made the effort to support us by making these passes. We get these passes only through the kindness of Ft Carson and their recognition/respect of our efforts. I have gotten passes for many people only to never see them again. This infuriates/embarrasses me and insults Ft Carson. I am putting myself on the line to sponsor PGR members so I expect mission support in return.

If you have gotten a yearly pass and have not attended a mission during that year you will have to start over by getting the temporary passes.

Also as a reminder, if you get a pass it is ONLY for PGR mission support. You can't go on post anytime just cause you feel like it. If you get caught you will have to surrender your pass and could be permanently banned from Ft Carson. You will also endanger the chance for other PGR members to get a pass later on. If we lose these annual passes then we will never have people show up for missions.

I really appreciate everyone's efforts to attend these missions and the support means so much to the troops going to/returning from deployments, as well as the grieving family members of fallen soldiers. Thank you all for everything you do!
edited by Ironsides on 5/9/2019

Bob "Ironsides" McCune
SMSgt, USAF EOD Retired 1975-2001
Former State Captain-Colorado
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5/15/2019 4:55:24 AM

Kenneth Clarke
Kenneth Clarke
Posts: 489
Anything happening on our new cards?
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Home » Colorado PGR General Discussions » 2019/2020 Ft Carson access procedures

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