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4/4/2019 8:06:34 PM

Jim Herstein
Jim Herstein
Posts: 3569
On Saturday, April 27, 2019, a Rocky Mountain Honor Flight, with 30 WWII and Korean War Veterans, will be returning from Washington, DC via Baltimore, MD to Denver International Airport. The Colorado Patriot Guard Riders have been invited to the Welcome Home Ceremony. A Flag line will be formed where the escalators bring the passengers from the train platform to Arrival Level 5 at the center of the Main Terminal. The flight is scheduled to arrive at 9:20PM, so, please plan to stage near the escalators by 9:00PM.

The World War II Memorial was dedicated in April, 2004, 59 years after the War ended. The youngest of the WWII Veterans in 2004 was about 77 years of age and the average age was 81 years. The youngest are now about 92 years old with an average age of 96 years. Sixteen million served in the US Military during the War and more than 405,000 were killed in Service to our Country. These Veterans are now dying at a rate of about 350 per day and there are less than 465,000 (2.9% of those who served) still living and many of them are not healthy enough to travel. These Honor Flights are trips of a lifetime for these Veterans. An impressive Welcome Home at DIA completes a memorable experience for them.

Will an available Ride Captain please post.

I will be honored to attend and will bring Flags.

Staging will take place at the Final Approach waiting facility, which is located across the parking lot from the DIA Conoco Gas Station. There are four fast food restaurants within this facility and it has the arrival/departure monitors there, as well. Please plan for a 8:30PM briefing with a 8:45PM departure to the East Terminal.

Note: The three year construction project to renovate the Main Terminal is now underway, therefore, our usual parking situation on Level 6 of the East Terminal will not be available. We can car pool from the Final Approach in order to contain parking garage fees.

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Colorado PGR HOTH Coordinator
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4/19/2019 7:46:02 PM

Bob Waples
Bob Waples
Posts: 154
I will be honored to attend and photograph this event. I will also be posting an event on the CoPGR FB page to gather for dinner before staging. Feel free to contact me if questions. THX!

Bob "Grandpa" Waples – 720-467-0223

Riding for:
Robert L. Waples – World War II – Seaman First Class – United States Navy
James C. Waples – Staff Sergeant – United States Army -Gulf War Veteran
Arthur N. Fulweber – SP4, United States Army – Cold War
Robert C. Fulweber – Captain, Battalion Surgeon, United States Army – Vietnam
Ken Giebel – Sergeant – United States Marine Corps - Vietnam
Kathleen Giebel – Lieutenant – United States Navy
James Hurtado – CW4 – United States Marine Corps
Carolyn Hurtado – Captain – United States Marine Corps
Chuck Harville – Senior Chief Petty Officer – United States Navy
Alexandria Harville – Technical Sergeant – Virginia Air National Guard
Justin Bystrom – Operation Iraqi Freedom – United States Marine Corps
Tyler McDaniel – Staff Sergeant – United States Marine Corps
Steven Kohus – United States Marine Corps (Rest In Peace)
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4/20/2019 1:06:04 PM

Kathy Goldstein
Kathy Goldstein
Posts: 1221
I will be honored to attend.

Kathy "Rat" Goldstein
Ride Captain
State Captain (Ret)

To those whose duty it is to protect and preserve the freedom of the people of this country, I most humbly thank you...
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4/21/2019 9:34:27 AM

Jim Carr
Jim Carr
Posts: 276
I will be honored to attend

Build someone up today, tomorrow may be to late
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