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9/21/2018 7:13:17 PM

Robert McCune
Robert McCune
Posts: 457
On Sunday, 4 Nov, the COPGR will be sponsoring our 2018 Toy Run. Required Donation: $20 toy or gift card per bike. This ride will go through Ft. Carson. ALL participants will need either a valid DoD ID, or submit your information no later than October 31st to the ride coordinator. See details below.
Visitor’s passes can be issued the same morning, but be prepared to wait based on how busy they are. If you do not have your pass by the time the briefing starts, you will not be able to participate. To obtain a visitors pass, you need to undergo a background check at the Ft. Carson visitor’s center during staging. Minors riding as passengers will also need a visitors pass, but will not require a background check. If you need a visitors pass, please arrive early in the staging window.


Helmets, Eye Protection, Gloves, Long Sleeves, Long Pants, and Over the Ankle Boots are REQUIRED for Riding on Base!

Ride will depart Ft. Carson Visitors Center at 1130 and proceed onto base to the TAPS/SOS building, where riders/passengers will donate toys direct to the TAPS/SOS organization. A group photo taken at this point, and individual groups may take pictures also. Ride will depart from there at ~1215 and continue for ~40 miles both on and off base with LEO escort, and will conclude at American Legion Post 38.

Escort provided by Ft. Carson and the El Paso County Sheriff’s department.

*Participants who do not hold a valid DoD ID and wish to participate can submit their information via email, no later than October 31st to jim.balcerovich@coloradopgr.org to be added to a ‘special events’ roster, and avoid needing a visitors pass. The roster is supplied to Ft. Carson on Nov. 1st for background checks and vetting. We can only do the special events roster if we have 16 people in this category. Otherwise a visitor’s pass will be required the day of the run. You will be notified at least 24 hours ahead of the event if we did not qualify for the special events roster submission.


Email subject needs to be “PGR TOY RUN INFO” and information MUST include:
* Full Legal Name (As it appears on your Driver’s License or State issued ID)
* Last 4 digits of SSN.
If you do not include all of the required information, you will not be added to the special events roster and will have to obtain a visitors pass to participate. We will not reply back to request missing information. Minors (under 18) who are with an adult rider also need to provide all roster information, but will not be subject to a background check.

Anyone with a felony or sexual assault related conviction in their past will not be granted access to Ft. Carson under any circumstances, and will not be allowed to participate in this event.

All participants must be present for the pre-ride safety briefing. All participants will also be required to sign a release at staging.

The Colorado Patriot Guard Riders THANK YOU ALL for your participation in this event, and for supporting the families of the fallen. Additional information is on the PGR Facebook page:

Stage: Ft. Carson Visitors Center, 6012 Nelson Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80902, 0900 – 1100

Briefing: 1110

KSU: 1130

Jim "Damnit Jim" Balcerovich will RC this event. Thank you Jim for all of your hard work to organize this important event!!
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Bob "Ironsides" McCune
SMSgt, USAF EOD Retired 1975-2001
Former State Captain-Colorado
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Home » Colorado PGR General Discussions » Thread Archive » 4 Nov- COPGR 2018 Toy Run- Colorado Springs

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