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7/19/2014 11:36:57 AM

Kathy Goldstein
Kathy Goldstein
Posts: 1458
To all:
The following is from a letter to all PGR members written by Ted Malone that I feel is of the utmost importance and most definitely bears repeating...PLEASE, the safety of all riders ALWAYS comes first.


"I just wanted to post a reminder that as much as we may want to believe we're great riders and will look good when doing group rides, please remember that our primary goal when doing escorts or other group rides is the SAFETY of everyone involved. The concept of "Ride your own ride" is an extremely important one to follow on all of our rides. We are not trained in precision riding, and we always have folks among us who may be new to riding altogether, or may have those we haven't ridden together with in awhile. We DO NOT push our riders to maintain a precision ride and we CAN NOT expect any rider in the group to take a certain line on the road. While it's true we ride in staggered formation, please ONLY concern yourself with YOUR ride, and not the rider around you. (In other words, don't expect that they are going to take a certain line through a turn, always ensure that you watch the riders around you, just like any other time on the road)
I want to make sure that we always make this clear during any ride briefing, "Ride your own ride" is our mantra.

Kathy "Rat" Goldstein
State Captain
Cell - 720-244-0594

To those whose duty it is to protect and preserve the freedom of the people of this country, I most humbly thank you...
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Home » Colorado PGR General Discussions » SAFETY FIRST ALWAYS

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