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8/14/2013 1:10:04 PM

Kay Julian
Kay Julian
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Please note that this is not directed at any individual, but is being offered as information for our membership in general.

I was dismayed when the Fort Carson Casualty Assistance Center called to inform me that the family of a recent KIA was being overwhelmed with phone calls from PGR members. I extended my personal apology and assurance that I would attempt to be sure that this does not happen again. In light of this, perhaps the following information will be helpful.

For Fort Carson and Army KIAs with a Colorado hometown of record, the Casualty Assistance Center (CAC) contacts the Colorado PGR Military Liaison--once they determine the desires of the agent designated by the deceased to make funeral arrangements, regarding PGR participation. We have a similar arrangement with Air Force Mortuary Affairs. For Marine, Naval, and Coast Guard casualties, the Military Liaison makes initial contact with the Primary Casualty Assistance Calls Officer (CACO), who then presents the offer of PGR support to the family and relays the family's decision. The individual who is authorized to make funeral arrangements (and request PGR support), is determined by the service member prior to deployment. Just because a family member has requested PGR, does not necessarily mean that PGR will be invited by the designated agent. Colorado PGR does not contact family members of deceased service members to solicit an invitation. There are times that PGR Leadership may be contacted by a family representative prior to the CAC, CAO, or CACO making contact, but at no time should membership contact the family of any KIA. Due to a variety of circumstances, there will frequently be SNAFUs. There have been situations where the CAC has not requested PGR until the night before a transfer or service. This does not mean that Leadership and the Military Liaison are not aware of the casualty and working with the appropriate representatives.

If the Mission has not been posted, it means:
1) PGR is not invited
2) We are still awaiting confirmation
3) The details are being refined

DOD Casualty Notifications are released once the family members and designated agent have been notified of the death. Each family member (including children), and the designated agent are assigned a Casualty Assistance Officer or Casualty Assistance Calls Officer. Only the Primary CAO or CACO assigned to the designated agent is authorized by the military to make arrangements. At the time the notification is released, the remains have typically not yet arrived at the mortuary in Dover. There will be another period of time before they are prepared and transferred for final disposition. Just because a Colorado city has been listed as the hometown of record, does not necessarily mean final disposition or services will be held here. Also, DOD notifications have sometimes been released prior to the U.S. gaining custody of the remains from foreign entities. Thus, the DOD Notifications cannot be used as an indicator of any timetable for final disposition or invitation for PGR support.

As Military Liason, I may at times know details that I am not at liberty to share with membership or the general public. Please don't press for details that have not been posted. Appropriate and necessary information will be shared with the Ride Captain and Leadership on a need-to-know basis.

Please understand that Leadership and the Military Liason subscribe to the DOD Casualty Notifications. We are aware of each and every casualty. Just because a mission has not been posted, does not mean we are not doing our jobs. It becomes a distraction to find and respond to every query regarding casualties on the website and Facebook page. If and when PGR is invited, by official channels, the mission will be posted.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding an Active Duty death, please contact our State Captain, Eddie Baenisch or me by email or private message on this website. Leadership contact information may be found here: http://forums.coloradopgr.org/topic3232-colorado-pgr-leadership-contact-information.aspx

Thank you
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Kay Ripley
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