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10/28/2011 9:32:54 AM

Ted Malone
Ted Malone
Posts: 1266
I just realized that this has never been posted to the site. I wanted to show everyone a letter than I tend to send to people that are worried about the UGs being present. Please remember that when we support a funeral service and the UGs actually do appear, we DO NOT engage them in any way, shape or form. Our job is not to be a counter protest organization, but rather to ensure that the service is not interrupted by them and that the family does not have to see or hear them. (Note that I blacked out my phone number, I don't really want to post my number on a public website, but most everyone here knows how to contact me if they need to.

Ted "Gopher" Malone
Former Assistant State Captain - Southern Colorado
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Home » Colorado PGR General Discussions » Dealing with the UGs

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