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22 Jul 19CONFIRMEDJoseph W Ferguson, US Army Korea Veteran - Grand Junction
22 Jul 19MEMORIALMaj. Cassandra Lang Stall, Ft. Carson
22 Jul 19SPECIAL EVENTMonthly Military Suicide Awareness Event - Brush
23 Jul 19CONFIRMEDMatthew J. Leathers, US Navy SEAL (KIT) - Aurora
23 Jul 19CONFIRMEDDarl C Hartson, US Army Vietnam Veteran Grand Junction
23 Jul 19CONFIRMEDFredi M Hagen, USANG Persian Gulf Veteran Grand Junction
26 Jul 19CONFIRMEDJoseph P. Reefe, US Navy and WWII Veteran - Denver
26 Jul 19CONFIRMEDAlbert S Hansen Jr., US Navy WWII-Korea-Vietnam -Veteran - Grand Junction
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