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Upcoming missions in the next 5 days
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26 Jun 16WELCOME HOMEWelcome Home for Deployed Troops, Ft. Carson
26 Jun 16WELCOME HOMEWelcome Home for Deployed Troops, Ft. Carson
28 Jun 16CONFIRMEDTravis S. Mason, US Marine Corps Veteran - Trinidad
28 Jun 16CONFIRMEDJacob Farnik, Jr. USA WWII Veteran - Ft. Morgan
28 Jun 16CONFIRMEDWilliam A. Kirby, Jr. USMC Viet Nam Veteran - Brush
29 Jun 16CONFIRMEDMSG Fred Selko, USA (Ret) WWII Veteran - Ft. Logan, Denver
29 Jun 16CONFIRMEDRonald E. Flores, US Army Veteran - Fort Logan, Denver
29 Jun 16CONFIRMEDMSgt Walter Clement, USAF (RET) Viet Nam Veteran - Longmont to Ft. Logan, Denver
29 Jun 16CONFIRMEDWillis Blanton, USAF Veteran - Ft Logan, Denver
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